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Where are CACV and CACH located:

Collect America CACV & CACH
(Separate Corporations, Subsidiaries)
370 17th Street, Suite 5000
Denver, CO 80202‐3050
Ph: (303) 296‐3345
Fax: (215) 281‐7522

Who is Collect America, CACV and CACH?:

One of the largest debt buyer organizations in America. CACV of Colorado, LLC. which stands for Collect America Collection Vehicle and CACH, LLC are the debt purchasing arms of Collect America. They typically buy up old debts the creditors couldn't collect on. After the debts are purchased they are sent to different debt collectors across the country. The Collect America system is comprised of approximately thirty franchisee's across the country, with an attorney name on their door.

Collect America Franchisees:*

Law Office of Sam W. Streeter, Houston, TX
Richard G. & Catherine A. Neuheisel Law Firm, Tempe, AZ
Neuheisel Law Firm, Deborah Sue Harvego, Sacramento, CA
Law Office of Thomas K. Bamford, Dallas, TX
Harold E. Scherr, Attorney at Law, Longwood, FL
Bronson and Migliaccio Attorneys, Williamsville, NY
Bronson and Migliaccio Attorneys, Elmwood Park, NJ
Phillips and Cohen and Associates, Westampton, NJ
Law Office of Larry Roach, Copley Twp, OH
Phillip Scott Lowery P.C., Denver, CO
Law Office of Joe Pezzuto, Phoenix, AZ
Law Office of J. Anthony Cambece, Boston, MA
Workman Law Office, P.A., Jacksonville, FL
Collect America, LTD, Denver, CO
Gamache and Myers, St Louis, MO
P. Scott Lowery, P.C., Tulsa, OK
Law Office of Wilfred E. Briesemeister, Montclair, CA
Harrison Ross Byck, Morrisville, PA
Daniels & Norelli, P.C., Westbury, NY
Davis Law Office, Russell A. Davis, Solana Beach, CA
Richard DeJana & Associates, Kalispell, MT
Dennis Michael Dendy Law Office, Gretna, LA (Houston TX)
Daniel N. Gordon, P.C., Eugene, OR
Mims, Jerry M., Attorney, Islip Terrace, NY
Pentagroup Financial, LLC, James J. Thorpe, Attorney, Houston, TX
(represents CACV & CACH)

* May not accurately reflect all franchisees.


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