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Where is IC Sytem, Inc. located:
I.C. Sytem, Inc.
John Erickson, President
444 East Hwy 96
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota,
Tel: (800) 737-3122, (800) 817-
4680, (612) 481-6333
Fax: (651) 481-6411, (651) 481-

Who is I.C. System, Inc.:

I.C. Sytem is a collection agency that has been in business since 1938. The I.C. System website reports:

Personnel: I.C. System has more than 1,100 employees at its headquarters,
branch, and field offices.

Corporate Headquarters: St. Paul, Minnesota

Branch Offices: Fargo, North Dakota Mason City, Iowa Tampa, Florida La Crosse,

Field Offices: Nationwide

I.C. System reports part of its history as:

1950s - 1960s The company takes on a huge risk of installing expensive
automatic typewriters to produce personalized collection letters. When the
typewriters were replaced in 1968, I.C. System became the first totally
computerized collection agency in the country.

1970s - 1980s The company grows explosively and I.C. System builds new
corporate offices in Arden Hills, Minnesota. I.C. System continues to expand in the
'80s and in 1982 the company moved into its present headquarters in St. Paul,
Minnesota, and opens its first branch office in Mason City, Iowa.

1990s - 2000s The company continues to grow with over 30,000 clients from
small regional companies to large national firms in a variety of industries. The
company expands into the commercial business by acquiring Adams, Cooper &
Marks and opens several branch offices. I.C. System doubles in size from 2000 to
2005 and remains the largest family-owned, privately-held receivables
management company in the U.S.


Some debt collectors use hardball tactics to attempt to collect debts. Federal law (the Fair Debt
Collection Practices Act), and some state laws (for example, the California Fair Debt Collection Practices
Act), regulates how debt collectors are allowed to attempt to collect debts).
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