How to Stop Creditor Harassment

San Jose Creditor Harassment Lawyer

If you are being abused or harassed by creditors or debt collectors you can send them a cease and desist letter. The letter can be short and straight-forward. Basically, you should tell them to stop contacting you. It may be good to send the letter via U.S. certified mail so that you can provide the debt collector received the letter.

You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the California Attorney General's Office. These agencies may be able to contact the debt collector to see what is happening. Unfortunately, government agencies are overwhelmed at times and have difficulty keeping with the needs of the many consumers who are being abused and harassment.

Or, you can also contact a consumer protection lawyer, basically an attorney that focuses on protecting consumer's rights.

In California you can contact a San Jose creditor harassment lawyer at Wilcox Law Firm, P.C. We are dedicated to helping consumers who have been abused or harassed by debt collectors. We can meet with you personally for a FREE consultation and help you better understand your rights.

Collection Abuse Attorney in San Jose

Contact a San Jose Collection Abuse Lawyer for help in taking action to stop harassing collection calls or to pursue financial damages for abuse and harassment.