Steps to Take to Help Your Case

San Jose Debt Collection Lawyer

If you are being abused or harassed by creditors or debt collectors there are several steps you can take to help yourself:

1. Save ALL collection letters you receive, do not throw any away, regardless of how innocent they look.

2. Save ALL voice mail messages left for you, regardless of how innocent they sound.

3. Save ALL telephone bills.

4. Take photographs of your telephone's caller I.D. information.

5. Tale notes of the date and time of all calls or messages, whether you spoke to the debt collector or not, and be sure to write down the debt collector's name, company name, and telephone number

6. Save ALL of your notes regarding collection calls, even handwritten notes, things you quickly jotted down on scrap paperm etc.

7. Call a consumer protection attorney!

Get the Help You Need

If you are being abused or harassed by a debt collector you should contact a consumer protection attorney that has experience dealing with creditors and debt collectors. Ronald Wilcox is a San Jose collection harassment attorney that has more than 20 years of experience helping consumers deal with financial problems.

A San Jose creditor harassment lawyer is available to provide you with immediate assistance in your case if you are being harassed by creditors and debt collectors, and will fight diligently to see that your rights are full upheld. Contact us and we can help you better understand your rights and do what it takes to STOP the collection harassment!