When Should I Contact an Attorney?

San Jose Creditor Harassment Lawyer

If you are being contacted by a creditor or debt collector it is a good time to contact a consumer protection attorney. Why? Well, for one reason, creditors and debt collectors have attorneys, so should you. Would you like to go into a gun fight without a gun? Of course not.

You may have noticed debt collectors are not that fun to deal with. That's because many debt collectors treat consumers unfairly, with no dignity, and no respect. Having an attorney can help you get on equal footing with the debt collector.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) governs how debt collectors are allowed to collect a debt. The FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from engaging in any abuse or harassment, contacting your relatives, neighbors or friends (with very limited exceptions), false statements, or deception, and unfair and unconscionable conduct in an attempt to collect a debt.

If you have been contacted by a creditor, debt collector or collection agency, you should peak to San Jose creditor harassment attorney Ronald Wilcox to better understand your rights. We are dedicated to helping people who have been unfairly treated by debt collectors and can assist you getting the collection harassment to cease.

Creditor Harassment Attorney in San Jose

While it is the job of a collection agency to attempt to collect a debt, they are not permitted by law to use any form of abuse, harassment, intimidation, or false threats. They are also bound by specific guidelines in regard to:

  • The time of day they may call you (between 8 AM and 9 PM)
  • Identifying who they are and what firm they represent
  • Contacting your relatives, friends or neighbors (strictly prohibited with very limited exceptions)
  • The manner in which they speak and their behavior on the phone
  • Using an automatic telephone dialing system or pre-recorded voice to call a cell phone

We can help you better understand these guidelines.

Contact a San Jose Creditor Harassment Lawyer to protect your rights and discover what your legal options are to stop abusive collection calls.