Consumer Protection Attorneys

Case Results

Take a look at a few of our victories below. Wilcox Law Firm, P.C. has been protecting consumers against harassment from creditors for over 20 years. Don't put up with the abuse any longer; contact our San Jose collection harassment attorney for skilled legal assistance.
    • Bryant v. Allied Account Services , et al.

      In Bryant v. Allied Account Services , et al., the consumer alleged a debt collector had made numerous abusive and harassing statements over the course of several telephone calls, including sexually lewd comments and racist remarks. The matter was settled for $200,000. The Stipulation of Settlement is filed with the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, (CV-05-5565). The consumer was represented by attorneys Joe Mauro and Ron Wilcox.

    • Fausto v. Credigy et al.

      In Fausto v. Credigy et al., a federal jury in San Jose, California, found that a collection agency harassed a husband and wife and returned a unanimous verdict of $500,000 against a collection agency (the Court entered judgment for $500,000, plus attorney's fees and costs). At trial the plaintiffs alleged the debt collectors made more than 90 telephone calls, most of them after a cease and desist letter had been sent. The case was tried by David Humphreys and Luke Wallace of Humphreys Wallace Humphreys of Tulsa, Oklahoma, assisted by California attorneys Ron Wilcox and Balám Letona.

    • Sanchez v. Client Services, Inc.

      In Sanchez v. Client Services, Inc., the Hon. Patricia V. Trumbull, in San Jose, CA, held a debt collector had abused and harassed a consumer, as a matter of law (meaning there was no need to even hold a trial), by making 54 telephone calls in an attempt to collect a debt. The consumers were represented by attorneys Pete Barry and Ron Wilcox.