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Credit Reporting

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Credit reports are supposed to be fair reflections of a person’s credit score, and by extension, their financial stability. Many credit reports can be erroneous, though, showing a much lower score than they should. This might seem like only a problem on paper but a poor credit score can negatively impact an individual’s life in many ways.

Low credit scores can cause:

  • Being denied a home loan, car loan, or new credit card.
  • Higher interest rates on credit cards and bank loans.
  • Lower approval rate for new lines of credit.
  • Decreased chance of approval for new leases.
  • Upfront security deposits for utility services.
  • Denied certain employment opportunities.
  • Repeated calls from collectors and solicitors.

Wilcox Law Firm, P.C. and our California collection harassment attorney may be able to help you correct credit score errors before they become an even larger problem. Call (888) 468-7608 to discover your options and how our 20+ years of experience can be put to good use for your case.

Disputing Errors After Identifying Them

Interpreting the information on the average credit score can be difficult if you are not well-versed in financial data and the causes behind credit fluctuations. Our credit harassment attorney in San Jose can start on your case by first reviewing your credit score reports to see if there are real discrepancies, or if it is accurate. If or when an error is identified, we can get to work on how to dispute it.

In many cases, the first step is notifying that specific credit reporting agency of the problem and how it should actually be reported. Credit reporting agencies will have only a set amount of days – this amount can change slightly based on a few factors – to correct the issue. Refusal or noncompliance may force us to escalate the matter with a lawsuit. You may also need to use a claim if your finances have already been significantly impacted due to an erroneous credit report score.

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Our law firm has the ability to dispute credit report errors, no matter their origin. We can even assist you with credit score correction for an error that appears across multiple credit score reporting agencies. Although these cases can be considerably more complicated and could be indicative of a problem with a banking organization, our know-how and tenacity can see you through.

You can request a free consultation with our California creditor harassment lawyer today to begin.

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