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Handling Creditor Harassment & Abuse.

In today's tough economy, many people are finding it harder to keep up with their bills and can fall behind. When that happens you can count on the fact that you will start getting collection calls, first from the company you owe money to and then from collection companies.

What they don't tell you is that you have rights as a consumer and there are specific things it is illegal for bill collectors to do. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), if a collection agency violates certain rules or regulations they may be liable for heavy fines or even lose their license.

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We will schedule a free consultation to answer all your questions and explain your legal rights. If you have been harassed or threatened by a collection agency in violation of the FDCPA regulations we can act on your behalf to stop the calls and even represent you in seeking financial compensation in a lawsuit against the guilty company.

Violations of the FDCPA

If you are subjected to any of the following violations of the FDCPA you may have grounds to sue for damages. Such violations include:

  • Repeated and incessant calls throughout the day
  • Calls made before or after normal hours, before 8AM or after 9PM
  • Continued calls after you have informed them in writing that you wish no further contact
  • Threatening or abusive language
  • False or misleading statements about your rights or options
  • Misrepresentation of who is calling or impersonating a police officer or lawyer
  • Threats regarding your credit report, financial condition or reputation

Helpful Information About Collection Harassment

When you meet with us, we will explain what your rights are and we can assist you in stopping the bill collection calls. We specialize in helping people who are being harassed by credit card and bill collection companies and are dedicated to ending the abuse and threats that are sometimes made. You have the right to seek compensation against such abusive treatment and we can represent you and protect your best interests should you decide to sue.

Contact a San Jose Creditor Harassment & Abuse Attorney to learn how you can stop the collection calls immediately and seek financial damages if you have been threatened or abused.

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