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Where is ER Solutions located:

ER Solutions
500 SW 7th St., #A100
Renton, WA 980
Tel: (877) 606‐6700; (206) 322‐4500; (888) 203‐1294
Fax: (206) 322‐4838
Steven Hunter, President
Jeffrey Hunter, VP
Kathy Hunter, VP & Treasurer

Who is ER Solutions?

ERS employs more than 1,800 people in five call centers, the focus of which is to collect debts. ERS is headquartered in the Seattle, Washington area, but has offices in Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta, Montgomery and Augusta. ERS is now part of a company known as Covergent. On June 25th, 2010 they issued this press release:

Press Release

June 25, 2010

Convergent Announces Thirteenth Customer Care Center in Augusta. Georgia

Augusta, Georgia July 1, 2010 - Convergent, one of America's largest revenue cycle management, receivables management and customer care companies, announced the planned addition of its thirteenth customer care companies, to be located in Augusta, Georgia. Convergent CEO Michael A. Micek remarked, "We chose Augusta for our newest customer care center after looking at several options around the country. Augusta provided the best combination of workforce, facility and deal terms that will permit us to provide the superior performance that our customers have learned to expect from our twelve other customer care centers." Convergent's strategy of providing a diversified range of collections and customer care services that deliver consistent, reliable performance has been the fundamental engine for the company's growth, which has continued throughout the recent recession. Augusta will mark the second new Convergent customer care center in the past 12 months. The new center will be part of the Convergent ERS division. Convergent ERS is one of the largest receivables management companies in the United States, providing third-party collections and first-party outsourcing to a wide customer base in the variety of industries. ERS is especially strong in the telecommunications, wireless, utility, banking, cable and satellite markets.

Convergent ERS President Steven Hunter remarked, "Our business is all about people, so we put a lot of thought into picking new locations. We need locations where we can attract hard working people who will succeed in our business. Augusta has just such a workforce we can draw from, as well as a pro-business climate and minimal commute problems. We are very excited about the new center." The new facility will employ 400 and will be located in the Stevens Creek Road Building in Augusta. Terry Elam, Chairman of the Development Authority of Richmond Couty, said, "Convergent ERS is a quality company involved in the important business of company cash flow and financial solutions, and we are excited about their new facility in Augusta. The company's leadership saw Augusta's excellent workforce, top-notch training opportunities, and convenient transportation and made the right decision to invest in Augusta-Richmond County.

About Convergent

ORGANIZED IN 1998 through the combination of seven existing collection companies with strong management teams and solid local or industry reputations, Convergent today is a leading competitor in each of its chosen markets: healthcare revenue cycle management (AHC), credit cycle management (ERS) and commercial collections (CCH). Our client list includes the most sophisticated and demanding companies in each of these industries.


Sometimes a debt collector will harass or abuse a consumer in an attempt to collect a debt. Such as by making false threats of arrest, calling your place of work, making repeated and continuous phone calls, calling all hours of the day or night, or calling a consumer's place of work, neighbors or relatives. Federal law (the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), and some state laws (for example, the California Fair Debt Collection Practice Act), regulates how debt collectors are allowed to attempt to collect debts.

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