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Who is National Revenue Corp.?

National Revenue Corporation is a 25-year old third party collection agency located in Columbus, Ohio. They purchase debt from creditors at a reduced price in order to attempt to collect on it in full themselves, as well as provide collection services for creditors that need help pursuing active debts. As with many other collection agencies in the United States, they have a substantial amount of complaints against them for unfair collection practices, and their founder plead guilty to charges of fraud and money laundering in 2003.


If you have been abused or harassed by National Revenue Corp., you should call a San Jose creditor harassment attorney today. Ronald Wilcox, a San Jose consumer protection attorney, can help you understand your rights and show you how to stop debt collection harassment.

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Are you being harassed or abused by unfair debt collection practices on the part of National Revenue Corp.? If so, contact a San Jose Collection Abuse Lawyer right away for experienced help.

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