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List of Common Debt Collectors

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There are many common collectors across the U.S. These agencies are dedicated to collecting money on behalf of their clients, no matter what the circumstances. This can lead to harassment, abuse, and an incredible amount of stress placed on you or your family.

While not all agencies use abusive tactics or deceptive practices, it is important that you know who these companies are and how they may operate. We’ve included a convenient list of common debt collectors below. Please note that appearance on this list does NOT mean the company is known to be harassing or deceptive.

If you have any questions about any of the agencies listed below, contact our San Jose collection abuse lawyers for advice.

Common Debt Collection Agencies

  • Apex Financial Management
  • Alliance One, Inc.
  • AMO Recoveries
  • Atlantic Credit & Finance
  • Bank of the West
  • Barnes, Curtis, O.
  • Booska, Steven A.
  • Boyjian Law Offices
  • Bronson & Migliaccio, LLP
  • Cambece, James A.
  • Cavalry Portfolio Services
  • Client Services, Inc.
  • Collect America, CACV
  • Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc.
  • Capital Recovery Service
  • Dendy, Michael D
  • ER Solutions
  • Group/Alegis (SDB)
  • Trauner, Cohen & Thomas
  • Triadvantage Credit Services
  • Unifund Group Corp
  • Eskanos & Adler, PC
  • GC Services
  • Hanna, Frederick J. & Assoc
  • Hilco Receivables
  • Law Offices of Paul R. Stassinos
  • Legal Recovery Systems
  • LTD Financial Services, L.P.
  • LVNV Funding, LLC
  • MBNA
  • Mims, Jerry M., Lawyer
  • Moore, Gerald E & Associates
  • MRS Associates, Inc
  • National Enterprise Systems
  • National Revenue Corporation
  • Nationwide Credit, Inc.
  • Van Ru Credit Corp
  • West Asset Management Inc.
  • Winn and Sims, P.C.
  • Wolpoff & Abramson
  • NCO Financial Systems
  • Pacific Creditors Association
  • Pacific Monarch
  • Paul R. Stassinos
  • Performance Capital Management
  • Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.
  • Redline Recovery Services, LLC.
  • Resurgent Capital
  • Services/Sherman
  • Risk Management
  • Alternatives (RMA)
  • RJM Acquisitions, LLC
  • Roach, Larry, Law Offices
  • Scherr, Harold E., Attorney
  • Sherman Financial
  • Worldwide Asset Purchasing, LLC
  • World Financial Network
  • National Bank WFNNB

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