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Have you ever attempted to speak to a bill collector to explain your situation only to be told you are probably lying or that your credit record will be ruined if you don't pay up? If you have been threatened or insulted by a bill collector you need to know what your legal rights are and the steps you can take to end such abuse.

To learn what your rights are you should call for a free consultation with a San Jose creditor harassment attorney at Wilcox Law Firm, P.C.

We are dedicated to helping people who have been threatened or abused by collection agencies and credit card companies. We will explain your legal rights to protection as established by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. We can assist you in reporting such abuses, taking effective action to stop them and even seek financial compensation for serious violations of the FDCPA.

It is illegal for a collection agency to do or say certain things in their attempt to collect past due debts. Making any kind of personal threat or disparaging comments about your character, your family or your reputation are illegal and are actionable under the FDCPA. You have the right to request in writing that all such calls be stopped and that, too, is actionable if not complied with.

Collection Abuse Attorney in San Jose

Other types of abuse that are illegal include:

  • Threats of being arrested or going to jail
  • Threats your wages or bank accounts may be garnished or seized before any proper lawsuit is filed
  • Threats to contact your employer, other family members or friends in an attempt to collect your debt

You do not have to put up with abuses such as these. When you meet with us for your free consultation, we will ask you for details on any such abusive treatment. If you wish to pursue legal action against any such abusive collection agency, we can represent you and help you with such a claim.

Contact a San Jose Collection Abuse Lawyer to learn your rights to protection from abusive and threatening collection calls. You may be entitled to receive financial compensation.

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