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If you have been threatened or harassed by a collection agency you have specific legal rights and protections under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. (FDCPA). To make such a complaint or in order to pursue any legal action you should be sure to never throw any letters or correspondence with such collection firms away. You should also write down the time and date of any and every conversation you have including who you spoke with and the content of the call.

Such documentation will greatly assist filing any complaint or lawsuit. For details on what you can do to address harassment or abuse from a collection agency you should speak with a San Jose creditor harassment attorney at Wilcox Law Firm, P.C. We are dedicated to helping consumers who have been abused or threatened by collection agencies and can help you take effective actions against them.

Complaints against abusive or threatening treatment can be made to both the Attorney General and the Federal Fair Trade Commission. Such complaints will often be acted in a more timely fashion if they are prepared and submitted by your lawyer. If there is no satisfaction from filing such a complaint, a consumer has the right to sue the offending company for up to $1000 in damages plus the cost of the legal fees.

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There are many, many different debt collection firms and companies that "buy debts" and then attempt to collect what they can as profit. Many of these companies offer substantial bonuses to successful collection agents and the incentive for such bonuses can often mean they will say and do things that violate the FDCPA standards. The more evidence you can collect beginning with the earliest contact with the collection agency, the better your chances of your complaint or suit having a successful outcome. Because the firm being sued must also pay for the attorney fees, we will usually be able to pursue your case on a contingency basis, with no money up front

Contact a San Jose Collection Abuse Lawyer for help in locating information about a debt collector to report or seek compensation for abusive treatment or harassment.

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