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What is collections harassment?

When a person owes a debt to a creditor, lender, or a bank, it is likely that the creditor will take action to collect on this debt. They may take the matter into their own hands and collect the debt themselves, or they may hire a collections agency to recover the debt on their behalf. When a collection agency is unable to collect the debt, or attempts to collect a debt that has already been paid, they may take drastic measures to collect this debt.

They could possibly call the debtor every day or threaten a lawsuit against this person if the debt has not been paid. Fortunately for the debtor, there are many actions that are constituted as unlawful that can ultimately get the debt collector in trouble and alleviate some of the tension that occurs when this process takes place. The process of constant collections calls, notifications, and even home visits that are done so in an abusive or annoying manner can constitute collection harassment.

If you believe that you are being harassed or abused by a debt collector or an agency, it is very important for you to speak with a Cupertino creditor harassment attorney as soon as possible. A person's well-being is at stake with constant calls and abusive actions by debt collectors, mainly because it can take an emotional toll on a person's life.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1978, debtors are protected from the following actions by debt collectors:

  • Calls made at unusual hours, such as before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m.
  • Calls to a debtor's workplace after it has been prohibited by an employer.
  • Constant phone calls with the intent of annoying or harassing a debtor.
  • Threats of a lawsuit, imprisonment, or wage garnishment.
  • The use of profane or abusive language.
  • Speaking to anyone besides for the debtor in regards to the debtor's debt.
  • Contacting a debtor directly after they have hired an attorney.
  • Contacting a debtor after a written request to cease communication has been received.

When a debt collector engages in any of these actions, they have just violated the rights of the debtor and therefore can be held accountable for paying the debtor's attorney fees.

Why You Need a Cupertino Collection Harassment Attorney

At Wilcox Law Firm, P.C., our legal team has over 20 years of experience in handling debt collection defense cases on behalf of consumers and families. We help debtors who have been wrongfully harassed by unfair debt collection practices that many debt collection agencies engage in.

Our main priority is to ensure that your rights are protected, whether or not you truly owe a debt to this company. If we are successful in proving that a debt collection agency violated your rights, we will be holding this agency accountable for paying for all attorney fees.

Once you report the collection abuse to our firm, we will investigate the case and help you determine what to do if you are being harassed. We can use our insight on the debt collection industry to inform you on how to stop creditor harassment, in addition to providing you with useful steps to take to help your case. We are highly skilled in our area of practice, and we are not afraid of a fight. Let our law firm guide you through this process and put an end to creditor harassment right now.

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