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Protecting Consumers from Unfair Collection Practices in Santa Clara

If you are one of the thousands of individuals struggling with an overwhelming amount of debt in our state, then you understand the difficult nature of having to deal with constant creditor calls. You may receive a call every morning from the same creditor who is constantly harassing you to pay your debts. You may even be called by past creditors that are telling you that you still owe a debt, even when your debt has been cleared.

No matter what these debt collectors may be telling you, you have rights to protect yourself from the unfair practices that they often engage in to get a debtor to pay a debt. The first step to protect yourself from these practices is to report the collection abuse to your local Santa Clara collection harassment lawyer.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have rights as a debtor to protect yourself from creditor harassment and abuse by debt collectors. Debt collectors, under this law, are prohibited from making annoying or abusive phone calls, using profane language, contacting you without disclosing their identity or the purpose of the phone call, threatening to take out a lawsuit against you, threatening with wage garnishment, or contacting any person in regards to your debt besides you.

They are also forbidden from calling at certain times, calling at work if your employer prohibits it, or even calling you after you have begun working with a Santa Clara creditor harassment attorney. Furthermore, these debt collectors are not supposed to contact you if you have given them written notice saying that you will not pay the debt and that they must cease communication.

Collection Harassment Lawyer in Santa Clara, CA

It is very important to understand what your rights are in a situation such as this. At our law firm, we realize how difficult and emotionally upsetting it can be to face a high-pressure situation involving constant calls and possibly home visits by debt collectors. No matter how much money you owe to a collections agency, our law firm is ready to assist you in the protection of your rights.

We will help you fight back and hold this collections agency accountable for their actions or for the actions of a debt collector on their staff. You should not have to live with the constant worry of when the next collections call will come; our firm will fight to make sure of this.

With over 20 years of experience in this unique area of the law, our law firm is dedicated to finding the best possible solution for all clients. If we are able to prove that a debt collector's actions were unlawful, we will be able to hold them accountable to pay for any legal fees, which means you do not pay us anything up front. We will thoroughly examine your case and talk to these debt collection agencies to see if a violation of your rights has occurred, and if we can find this to be true, you may find relief sooner than you think!

Our main goal and priority is to ensure that your rights are protected, as we want nothing more than to give you the relief of knowing that an abusive debt collector will no longer be contacting you on a regular basis. Call our law firm right away to obtain a consultation of your case and to find out more about how we can help you.

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